The Girl Who Said Hello to Everyone

The Girl Who Said Hello to Everyone

Inspired by the loss of her Father Allen Exelbierd Rayna Rose wrote a book for kids ages 3-7 to learn kindness, conversation, and resilience. 

"Didn’t you know? Everyone deserves to hear hello. Rayna Rose wrote this book to teach about family, friendship, kindness, and connection. I hope my story inspires you to write your own! All you need is a poem or a story, some art and then you’re off to a great start! You can do anything you set your mind to, I believe in you! "

In a world where connection and empathy are more important than ever, this enchanting tale offers a captivating narrative that both children and parents will adore.

"The Girl Who Said Hello to Everyone" follows the journey of a spirited and compassionate girl who believes in the power of a simple greeting. Through her remarkable encounters with a diverse range of characters, Rayna Rose learns valuable life lessons about the importance of kindness, genuine conversation, and inner resilience.

Rayna Rose skillfully navigates the complexities of emotions, teaching children not only the value of extending a friendly greeting but also the resilience found in genuine connections.

Gift your child not just a book but a lifelong lesson in kindness, conversation, and resilience. "The Girl Who Said Hello to Everyone" by Rayna Rose Exelbierd is more than a story; it's a guide to shaping compassionate and resilient individuals.

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