The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes

The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes


Rayna Rose wrote a book for kids ages 3-10 to learn self confidence, empathy, and the power of speaking out.  

“Did you know that Rayna Rose likes to wear two different shoes? Differences make us special. What you choose is up to you!”

Rayna Rose Exelbierd's new book, "The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes," is a heartwarming and insightful story aimed at teaching children the values of empathy and celebrating their unique individuality. Through a captivating narrative, the book follows the adventures of a young girl who embraces her individuality by proudly wearing two different shoes every day. The story beautifully illustrates the importance of accepting and appreciating differences in others, as well as the power of self-confidence and authenticity.

Exelbierd's book not only encourages children to be empathetic and kind towards those who may seem different but also empowers them to stand out and embrace their own quirks and uniqueness. The tale serves as an inspiring and relatable guide for young readers, reminding them that it's okay to be different and that celebrating their distinctive qualities can lead to a more inclusive and compassionate world.

"The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes" is a delightful and important read for children, fostering a sense of empathy, self-acceptance, and a celebration of diversity.

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